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MUK is a Homeless children and young people home initiative. Which aims at offering quality children empowerment and development programs The underlying foundation of MUK is based upon the principle of service to humanity, especially to the young who are the foundation for tomorrow. What the charity does the prevention or relief of poverty Accommodation/housing Religious activities, Education and Training, who the charity helps Children/young people how the charity works Provides buildings/facilities/open space Provides services. Under the management of Charity Nr. 1175693 MUK and Infinity Pioneer University

There have been changes significantly over the years. Charities in this field have often been innovative in responding to changing social and economic conditions. Many domestic and international charities preventing or relieving poverty are tackling the root causes of poverty and its consequences, and are equipping people with the skills, knowledge and resources that they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Poverty is a relative concept. What constitutes poverty in an affluent western society is very different in absolute terms from poverty in a developing country. The public places a great deal of importance and value on the work of poverty charities in both a domestic and an international context. So, at first glance, the public benefit of any charity concerned with preventing or relieving poverty might appear to be so obvious that the need for any further assessment appears unnecessary. However, following implementation of the Charities Act 2006, all charities need to demonstrate that their aims are for the public benefit. This guidance explains to charities whose aims include preventing or relieving poverty what this means for them.

Education, religion, health, saving lives, Mercy Ships, citizenship or community development, the arts, amateur sport, human rights, religious or racial harmony, the protection of the environment, animal welfare the efficiency of the armed forces, police, and fire or ambulance services.


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