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IPU our aim is to become a world-class centre of excellence in computer science and engineering education for 14 to 19 year old girls and boys who are committed to succeed in these areas.

Our students will be well-known for having the skills, attitude, behaviours, knowledge and experience that the world’s leading employers are looking for. IPU has the support of local, high profile industry and academic partners who help to shape the curriculum and work closely with our students. 

The learning experience at IPU will be practical and engaging. Students benefit from both academic rigour and practical learning experiences.

Here is Principal Joanne Harper speaking about teaching and learning at the UTC: example for IPU  


Infinity Pioneer University seeks to have a transformational impact on all who teach, learn, discover and work here so they are prepared for both local and global service. We seek to accomplish this by these four things:

We are dedicated to student learning and achievement.
We learn to both better and serve our community and world.
We combine experiential learning with rigorous scholarship in all of our programs to produce educated learners who are awake to new possibilities.
We are guided by our values at every level to promote a diverse, challenging, supportive, and entrepreneurial environment of openness, respect, accountability, and academic freedom

Lord Ken Olisa my Great mentor.

Students will leave the IPU with skills that are in demand in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), and be well-equipped to progress straight into employment, an apprenticeship or on to higher education.

Information for new parents

At IPU students benefit from a more personalised approach to learning and more individual attention than they would have in a larger traditional school.  There is a strong emphasis on personal development and you will be nurtured to become mature young adults ready to take your place in the world of work.

Our focused curriculum will prepare you for a career in the IT and engineering sectors while keeping other career routes open.

Here are some key facts about our curriculum:

  • There are no tests required for 14 year olds to be accepted into IPU

  • No more than 550 will be accepted, to ensure that the ratio of teachers to students remains low

  • There will generally be between 25 and 30 students per class

  • The school day typically runs from 8.30am to 5.00pm, except on Mondays and Fridays when classes finish at 4.30pm

  • The school year will follow a similar pattern to that of other local secondary schools

  • IPU will offer a strong pastoral care system, allowing each student to be known and developed by every member of staff because classes will not be overcrowded

  • There is a broad general curriculum on offer at Key Stage 4. Core subjects of Maths, English and Science are taught alongside demanding and interesting computing or engineering projects

  • The curriculum content is determined and shaped through the partnership of employers and universities and developed in line with Government requirements

  • All technology that students use will be up to industry standard

Teaching time

IPU will have approximately 33.5 hours of teaching time available (excluding breaks) each week over 38 teaching weeks, equating to 1,273 hours a year.

An average school has approximately 27.5 hours of teaching each week over 38 teaching weeks, equating to 1,045 hours a year.

So a difference of 228 hours a year means an extra 41.45 days or over 8 extra weeks of teaching a year.  A student with us through Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 could expect to receive 40 weeks extra teaching.

IPU offers the best preparation for moving into employment or further and higher education.

Links to Reading as example  

Students are Welcome to Newham

❤ IPU GOD PROJECT 2016/2018.

IPU a sample of UTC which has proven very successful (already OFSTED Outstanding and is over subscribed) because it meets a very large skills gap in Digital and Computer Sciences (which itself has aspirational connotations for parents). I’ve found that projects coming forward in greater London area often struggle to get a cohort of employers together – but digital seems to be a very good choice.

Works Ahead

  • Bill Gate

  • Pastor Adeboye and wife, Folu

  • Dr. Sandie Okoro

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